Equity Analytics

Greater sensitivity to societal inequality and a diversifying population has led many managers to ask if their business practices create disparities in opportunity and/or outcomes for employees, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders. This course provides students with the analytical skills to answer such questions. 

We cover analytical frameworks for identifying “differential treatment” and “disparate impact”, enabling equity analytics with real-world data and custom cases situated in various contexts (e.g., Airbnb, Glassdoor, Hollywood, the NFL, U.S. venture capital). By the end of the course, students are able to (a) analyze inequity in organizations, markets, and industries; (b) infer plausible determinants of such inequities; and (c) design interventions to reduce documented inequities. 

This three-step analytical process enables Equity Analysts to identify gaps; to understand why those gaps exist; and to design gap-closing interventions.

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Read (or watch) more about my research on racial disparity in the National Football League.

Rider, Christopher, James B. Wade, Anand Swaminathan, and Andreas Schwab. (2023). "Racial disparity in leadership: Evidence of valuative bias in the promotions of National Football League coaches." American Journal of Sociology,129(1): 227-75.  

"Equity Analytics and the NFL Rooney Rule." 

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MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference

March 2022

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Custom teaching cases available for instructors.

Rider, C. I., E. Lopez Rider & S. M. Black. 2021. "Cyrus Mehri and the National Football League's Rooney Rule (2021)." WDI Publishing. July 14th. 1st Place. 2021 DEI Global Case Writing Competition.

Rider, C. I., E. Choi & Y. Kim. 2023. "The Quest for Gender Pay Equity at Elemental Systems." WDI Publishing. Forthcoming. 3rd Place. 2023 DEI Global Case Writing Competition.

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I am currently developing executive and corporate versions of the course. Please contact Ross Executive Education if you are interested in custom programs. 

In the meantime, Ray Reagans and I will offer a live virtual cohort on ScholarSite titled "Analytics for Equitable Leadership."